I create short visual stories. (And here's a blurb about me in the third person.)

Mariana has a passion for creating short films with a mission. She has over 8 years’ experience ranging from pre-production to post, and her work has been featured on the homepage of The New York Times, The Atlantic, TIME Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. She’s produced videos for brands as well, including Microsoft, Hulu, John Hancock and UNESCO. Recognition for her work includes a McArthur Foundation grant, Agence France-Presse Photo of the Year, and a Tow-Knight Fellowship. She has an excellent understanding of the news & digital media industries and instinctively know what makes a good story.

She’s worked in four continents and speaks fluent English, Portuguese, French and Hebrew.

Check out my LinkedIn here. Connect with me on Instagram (@thisismariana) and Twitter (@thisismariana).

Or email me at: mariana-dot-keller-at-nbcuni-dot-com.